Winter Sports

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”Get out in the snow and play, girl! Iseult Devlin is passionate and knowledgeable about winter recreation. Informative and inspirational, her guide is a great primer for winter sports.”–Helen Olsson, editor, ”Skiing

When was the last time you played in the snow?

Remember all the fun you had as a kid in the wintertime, battling the elements as you ice-skated or built a snowman? The beauty of nature and the cold, crisp air made you feel alive and invigorated. It’s never too late to recapture that feeling. Don’t let another winter pass without experiencing the excitement that winter sports have to offer. If you always wanted to get out and try cross-country skiing or snowboarding but didn’t know where to start, this comprehensive guide is for you. Share in author Iseult Devlin’s love of winter sports, and hear how women of all ages overcame their personal obstacles and made outdoor activity in winter a permanent part of their lives.

If an occasional snowball fight is as exciting as your winter gets, then this book is for you. You’ll learn how to get started, what to wear to stay warm and dry, how to rent equipment, and how to find easy-to-use and family-friendly locations. Also included are clinics, classes, and camps specifically for women.

Which sport is right for you? Try them all and find out!

Snowshoeing: An easy, inexpensive, and ”do-anywhere” activity. Take a walk in a peaceful winter forest or power-trek over snow-covered trails at a nearby ski resort. Cross-country (Nordic) skiing: You don’t need a lift ticket to try this–with a little snow, your local golf course becomes the perfect ski trail! Downhill skiing: Experience the rush that comes from schussing down atrail you’ve never tried before. Snowboarding: It’s not quite the same as surfing . . . but it’s close! Skiboarding: The latest hybrid sport–combines skiing, snowboarding, and skating. Ice-skating: You loved it as a kid; now you can brush up on your figure skating, and discover the thrills of speed skating and women’s ice hockey.

So pick a sport (or two, or three) and come on out and play!



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Winter Sports  Iseult Devlin  

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